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Important: The quality of training materials (design, language, texts, colours … etc.) is important but not sufficient for learning quality. The learning process involves other factors such as trainer competency, training strategies, logistics and organisation. However, the Recognised Training Materials (RTM) logo is a distinguishable mark of quality for promoting better training.

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RTM # Course Name Contact Name Country Organisation
92 Upper and Lower Control Charting Dr. Will E. Dobbins Saudi Arabia WNG Associates, Inc.
82 U& UR SELF khalid abdullah aldaihan Kuwait
130 Trends in cognitive Waleed Aqeel Abdullah Saleh Oman
35 Time Management Muhanna Al Zahrani Saudi Arabia
108 Thinking Skills Development Abdulrahman hamad aljaber Saudi Arabia Smart expertises
66 The Secrets of Body Language Khalid Aleid Bahrain
137 The Principles of Effective Training Dr Afaf Nazih Shafiek Egypt Tamkeen New Era
77 THE New Labour Law & Its Process Ali Hassan AL-Garni Saudi Arabia Training Consultation Center
44 The CoRT Thinking Program Ghayth Al Sunaidi Saudi Arabia
8 The Art of Speech & Power of Impression Dr Mureed Al-Kullab Saudi Arabia Hewar Center