The main objective of the HRD Academy (HRDA) is to provide a defined criteria, standards and procedures for evaluation and optimisation of training and development activities. In other words, to make sure that HR trainers and consultants possess the knowledge, skills, professional competence, and ethical standards required in the practice of training and development profession.

HRDA fosters quality, integrity and excellence in training and development through competency-based education, quality standards, procedures, state-of-the-art training resources, information, advice, and support services for evaluation and optimisation of training and development activities.

Through specialised training and developing programs and certification the HRD Academy:

  • Develops, assists and supports professional training and consulting capabilities and contribute to the advancement of their profession
  • Encourages systematic study of effective training skills, processes, and practices
  • Disseminates information about training profession
  • Applies learning research findings, to provide opportunities for social and intellectual interaction among trainers and learning professionals
  • Provides professional trainers with guidance, strategies, materials and tools to develop their professional competence.

HRDA also offers networking opportunities through its partners, provides certification, conducts research, spots trends and assists HRD professionals in developing skills and strategies to develop and manage the training and development activities.