About HRDA

The HRD Academy UK (HRDA) is an independent professional organisation focused on furthering excellence in training and development. It provides defined criteria, standards and procedures for evaluation and optimisation of training and development activities.

HRDA is founded by a group of professional people with over 20 years of experience in training and professional development. The HRDA is based in England, United Kingdom and has thousands of affiliates and associates in more than 15 countries. The organisation offers networking opportunities through its regional coordinators, provides certification and educational programs, conducts research, spots trends and assists HRD professionals in developing skills and strategies to develop and manage the training and development activities


The HRD Academy (HRDA) mission is to foster quality, integrity and excellence in training and development through competency-based education, quality standards, procedures, state-of-the-art training resources, information, advice, and support services for evaluation and optimisation of training and development activities.


The HRD Academy (HRDA) will be an internationally recognised leader in training and development providing professional trainers with recognition and standards of excellence, guidance, strategies, materials and tools to develop their professional competence and consulting capabilities, and contribute to the advancement of their profession.

Advisory Board

HRDA advisory board is a group of top experts who have been selected to help advise HRDA regarding training industry, learning quality issues and standards.