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Important: The quality of training materials (design, language, texts, colours … etc.) is important but not sufficient for learning quality. The learning process involves other factors such as trainer competency, training strategies, logistics and organisation. However, the Recognised Training Materials (RTM) logo is a distinguishable mark of quality for promoting better training.

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RTM # Course Name Contact Name Country Organisation
90 Information Technology (IT) Dr. Will E. Dobbins Saudi Arabia WNG Associates, Inc.
105 Appearance on Media Ahmed Khalid Hussien Iraq Iraqi al-Mortaqa Foundation (IMFHD)
33 Application of NLP in Management Issam Badr UAE
126 Arabic Sign Language (Level 1) Dr Aisha Abass Natto Saudi Arabia Jassarah Training Center
112 Awareness Campaigns Planning & Managing Ziad Abid Karmash Al Zaidi Iraq Al-Mortaqa Foundation (IMFHD)
129 Basic Occupational Health Training Saif Ahmad Darwish UAE ADNOC Distribution
47 Be Creative in Your Work and Life Bassam Alothaim Saudi Arabia
96 Body Language Waleed Aqeel Abdullah UAE
97 Body Language Sabri Taher Abdullah UAE
116 Breathing Divine Mercy Jameelah A. AL- Asmakh Saudi Arabia